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Dongfeng Motor Co. modified Qingdao Pingdu City Economic Development Zone, located in the eastern ring road on the 20th, the State Development and Reform Commission designated car modification company, the predecessor of Qingdao with the force of car tuning limited liability company. Companies registered capital of 20 million yuan, of which: Pingdu City, Shandong Province Talc Mines Ltd. invested 19.4 million yuan, accounting for 94% of the registered capital, Sunxi Tao, Guo jungle, Meng Lee each invest 200,000, accounting for 2% of the registered capital respectively. Yuan Zhong Zhang legal representative in a limited liability company. Company assets 58,000,000 yuan. Employees 152 people, including: professional engineering and technical staff of 42 people. With all kinds of CNC punching equipment and CNC cutting equipment, welding equipment, machine tools and other processing equipment.

The company mainly produces "Tianxiang" card semi-trailer, compression garbage truck, explosives truck, bulk cement trucks, tankers, vehicles, trailers, etc. dozen series over 20 varieties. Annual production capacity of 500 units, sheet metal products and other products 20,000 sets. 3C certification company received in December 2003, and passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

Companies adhering to the "pursuit of quality excellence, enhance customer satisfaction," the quality, sincere service to our customers, with first-class technology, first-class quality of casting trusted brand.

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Competent staff, superior quality products, strict and harmonious management, clean and beautiful environment, sincere dedication of the services.

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