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Pingdu City, Shandong Province Talc Mines Ltd. is located in Qingdao City, was founded in 1958, is the Central Purchasing sorting, processing, international trade in one of the export-oriented mining enterprises, is China talc Professional Association unit, China's top ten mining enterprise, First National rational exploitation of mineral resources of advanced mining enterprises, national green mining.

The company has the largest open air talc mine depressed. Delicate white talc, high purity, low abrasiveness, no harmful ingredients, excellent reputation for quality, world-renowned. "White Dove" brand talc products sold over 20 domestic provinces (municipalities), 80% are exported to Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Singapore, Nigeria, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries and Taiwan, Hong Kong, is China's major talc processing production base.

Strong technical force, the detection means perfect, the introduction of talc processing and testing equipment has world-class level, according to user demand, production 40-5000 purpose of various powders. Our products are widely used in papermaking, plastics, paints, coatings, rubber, cables, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and other industries.

In recent years, the company further improve the quality management system, active use of new production processes and quality control processes, making product development, production, sales and service to meet international quality management standards, we passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, OHSAS international occupational health and safety management system certification, clean production unit in Qingdao City, Shandong Province pharmaceutical production license.

"White Dove" brand talc National Quality Award People's Republic of China, "Pigeons" trademark in Shandong Province.

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Competent staff, superior quality products, strict and harmonious management, clean and beautiful environment, sincere dedication of the services.

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